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Thomas Wilson of Thomas Wilson Contracting

About Thomas Wilson Contracting

Thomas Wilson founded Thomas Wilson Contracting in 2018. After graduating from Western Carolina University, Thomas held a variety of roles in the construction industry – everything from a sales rep to a project manager.

In every role he held, there was one aspect of work that Thomas truly loved: helping others solve problems and get results. After gaining years of experience and building lifelong relationships, he set out to build something on his own. A company that held his beliefs, would always do the right thing, and above all – help others in need. The result? TWC was born.

Faith Driven, Family Oriented, and People Focused.

Thomas Wilson Contracting provides excellent erosion control services while being grounded in a Faith-Driven, Family Oriented, and People Focused philosophy.
The philosophy at TWC is simple.
  • Be thankful for the blessings the good Lord has given us and honor him by serving others.
  • Treat each other like family
  • People are everything: Without great employees and clients, we don’t have a business. That’s why we put their needs first and try to add value to their lives with everything we do.

Where We Work

Thomas Wilson Contracting is proud to serve the Southeastern United States. Being located in Knoxville, TN gives allows us to quickly mobilize to projects in surrounding states and get the job done quickly for our clients.

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